Weatherization Tips of the Month for March


Wash laundry in cold water.
90% of the energy used by washing machines is for hot water, so washing on the cold cycle will save you money.

Wash only full loads.
Many machines use about the same amount of water whether you wash a full load or just one item.

Set your machine to the most efficient settings.
Some washers and dryers allow you to set usage based on the size of the load.

Use the moisture sensor feature on your dryer, if there is one.
The moisture sensor feature prevents you from over drying your clothes.

Clean the lint filter after every load.
Clogged filters drive up your drying costs and cause a fire hazard.

Check you outside dryer exhaust vent.
Make sure your exhaust vent opens and closes freely.  Replace the vent if it doesn’t close tightly so outside air won’t get into your house.

Dry clothes outside in good weather.
Using the sun’s energy to line dry will save you money and leave your clothes smelling fresh.

Buy an ENERGY STAR-qualified washer.
It will use about half the water and electricity of a standard washer.